Your roof completes the look of your home and offers protection against harsh weather conditions. While being an essential part of the house, it isn’t uncommon for homeowners not to know much about it. Its age isn’t something you usually think of until your roofing contractors ask about it when you get in touch with them.  

Here are reasons it is essential to know the age of your roof. 

Why Is It Important to Know Your Roof’s Age?

After a thorough inspection, a professional would be able to tell the age of your roof. This information will help your contractor determine the best solution for your roofing concern. You’ll also have a better idea of when a roof replacement is necessary. 

At around 80% to 85% of your roof’s estimated lifespan, you might want to start considering getting a new one. Several factors come into play when formulating the best way to address roofing issues. However, if your contractor knows when the roof was installed, they can decide if repairs are worth it or if a replacement is more cost-effective in the long run.  

How Do You Know Your Roof’s Age?

The simplest way to find out the age of your roof is by looking at your records. You should have a receipt or invoice if the roof was replaced in the past, and it should state the job’s completion date. If you purchased your property after the previous owner replaced the roof, ask them about the matter. Still, the ideal method for determining a roofing system’s age is through a professional inspection. 

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