Worry-Free Roof Tune Up in New Berlin

Don’t get a new roof if you don’t need one!
One flat rate of $650

Do I need a Roof Tune-Up?

  • Is your roof 5-20 years old?
  • Are you concerned with the condition of the roof or flashings?
  • Did you just move into the home and want to make sure the roof is all good?
  • Are you looking to sell your home and want to make sure nothing on the roof fails the home inspection?

What’s Included:

  • Full Roof Inspection
  • Replace up to 10 missing or damaged shingles
  • Reseal all chimney flashings, roof flashings & water heater pipes Install new rubber gaskets on all plumbing vent flashings
  • Fix all popped nails and reseal loose shingles
  • Seal around all bathroom roof vents
  • Seal all exposed roof nails
part of a roof

Here’s a picture of an old plumbing vent collar. We would install a new rubber gasket to prevent leaking.

Here’s an example of damaged shingles.

different parts of roof system

Here’s a picture labeled with a few of the problem areas.

This image shows what popped nails are.