Your gutter system is one of the most important components of your home. After all, without it, you’ll be leaving your home vulnerable to moisture damage. By installing gutters around your home, they can easily catch the rainwater that runs off your roof and safely direct it away from your home. But where exactly does the rainwater go? Here are the different places where your gutters and downspouts can take the rainwater it catches.

Rain Barrel

A rain barrel is one of the places where your gutters and downspouts can divert the rainwater it catches. To install one in your home, simply install a diverter on your downspout to deliver the water to the barrel, which can either be installed above or below the ground depending on your preference. By installing a rain barrel around your home, you can easily catch water that you can reuse to water your garden during the dry season.

Drainage Pit

On the other hand, if you want something that won’t interfere with your home’s curb appeal, then consider building a drainage pit in your garden. By having a drainage pit installed in your property, you’ll have a cost-effective method of safely leading rainwater away from your home. The best part? You can have a landscaping expert build it on your property within two to three days.

Rainwater Collection System

Alternatively, you can also have a rainwater collection system installed around your home. To accomplish this, experts will have to install a large underground tank to collect the rainwater from your gutters and downspouts. These tanks are then hooked up to a filter and pump that pumps out water when you need it. This makes it a good choice if you want to water your garden via an irrigation system.

Where Will the Water Go if The Gutters Don’t Work Properly?

As much as possible, make sure that your gutters and downspouts remain in top form so they can safely direct the water away from your home. This is because if your gutters sustained any form of damage, and they weren’t repaired immediately, the water can easily overflow and fall to the ground. This in turn can cause the soil around your garden to erode, leaving it vulnerable to flooding. Apart from that, the water can also seep beneath your home, making foundation damage a possibility.

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