A skylight is a great addition to any home. It helps improve indoor natural lighting, which can, in turn, brighten the mood inside your home and give the illusion of a larger interior.

When is the best time to install skylights? In general, summer is the best time to start home improvement projects, including sky installations. It also makes practical – and financial sense – to install skylights when you get a roof replacement.

Why Summer Is a Great Time for Starting Home Improvement Projects 

Your skylight installation project is less likely to encounter weather-related delays if you schedule it during summer. Not to mention your contractor will be able to finish installing your new skylight faster, thanks to the season’s sunny weather.

Important note: since summer is the most popular time to start home improvement projects, you may have trouble finding a contractor if you don’t immediately schedule an appointment. That’s why if you’re planning to install new skylights this summer, you should contact your local exterior services company as soon as possible.

Why Install a Skylight When You Replace Your Roof? 

Installing a skylight on your old roof may seem more cost-effective at first. However, it’s likely to cost you more in the long run. That’s because the aging shingles on your old roof will deteriorate faster than your new skylight. That means you’ll eventually need to replace the shingles around your skylights. It’s the same issue if you have an old skylight, and you need to replace your roof. Your aging skylight will be more leak-prone than your roof, so you’ll need to replace it sooner or later. That’s why it’s best to replace your skylight and roof at the same time. For more tips on maximizing the returns on investment on your skylight installation, consult a local roofer.

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