A skylight provides several benefits, such as natural light, ventilation and energy efficiency. But you’ll only get these benefits effectively if they’re installed by a trusted contractor. If you don’t make the right choice in hiring an experienced contractor or selecting the right material, it will become a poor investment that can compromise your roofing system.

The Consequences of a Poor Skylight Installation

If you choose cheap materials for your skylight just to save on your budget, you’ll encounter more problems with your installation later on in its lifespan. The same thing can also be said if you decide to DIY your skylight project since you won’t guarantee a successful installation. This can compromise your roof’s energy efficiency as well as its ability to keep out the weather elements. The warranty will also get voided!

Only quality materials and professional workmanship can ensure a successful skylight installation. Window installers can recommend the best type of skylight that suits your needs and budget while also having the experience necessary to determine the right placement of your installation!

What You’ll Benefit From a Professional Installation

  • More Natural Light/Heating 
    Professional window contractors know that skylights are very useful in providing more natural light into your home, reducing your dependency on artificial lighting during the day. And during the winter months, they bring in more warmth to your living space, which helps cut down your heating bills and improve your home’s energy efficiency!

  • Increase in Property Value 
    If you’re planning to sell your home soon, adding a skylight makes it more attractive and desirable to potential home buyers. It also enhances your home’s exterior design and raises its property value when you put it for sale!

  • Better Ventilation –
    Skylights are just like normal windows that can be opened for better airflow. You get better cross-ventilation to prevent your indoors from getting stuffy since you’re letting in the cool, fresh air. This reduces your need to use your air conditioning to keep your living spaces comfortable and reduce energy consumption!

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