Soffit is what connects the roof overhang to the side of your home. The term “soffit” came from the Latin word “suffixus,” which means fixed underneath. While it’s not always visible, soffit is an important part of the roof.

What Is a Roof Soffit?

A roof soffit is usually found around a structure’s main roof, but you can also see them under porches, arches, columns and flights of stairs. It’s usually made of aluminum, vinyl, fiber cement, wood and steel. This part of the roof protects the rafters from harsh outdoor elements.

Without the soffit, your rafters are likely to experience mold growth, and you might also have to deal with rotting beams. When this happens, you would need to contact a provider of home exterior services for replacement or repair.

What It Does for Your Home

The soffit helps your home breathe. Vented soffits allow air to flow freely through the vents for sufficient air circulation. Airflow is important in preventing moisture-related problems, such as rot and mold growth.

Back in the day, gable vents or a hood vent were used to create airflow. However, this type of vent only circulates air in certain areas, and mold would start to grow in the insulation where there’s no circulation. Meanwhile, the soffit allows for enough ventilation and is one of the best attic ventilation methods.

Another benefit of a roof soffit is that it keeps pests from entering your home through the gutters or roofline. These creatures can cause significant damage to your roof and electrical system. They can also start affecting your indoor air quality.

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