Anyone looking for new windows will have heard that they should be getting energy-efficient windows. After all, whether or not you are particularly interested in saving on energy costs, energy-efficient windows can benefit you. But what exactly makes a window energy-efficient? It’s the sum of its parts.

Window Glass

Window construction methods have come a long way, making it possible for energy-efficient window designs like dual-pane construction to come standard. Dual-pane windows are superior to their older single-pane counterparts because they are better at stunting heat transfer. Think of it this way: the more barriers there are in place to separate the inside and outside of your home, the stronger the protection you get against heat gain or loss. With indoor heat kept in and outdoor heat kept out, it’s easier to maintain your ideal indoor conditions. 

Aside from simply featuring two panes, dual-pane windows can also be fitted with low-emissivity (low-e) coatings to filter out infrared rays from the sun and keep passive heating at bay.

Gas Fills

Complementing the multi-pane design of energy-efficient windows are gas fills. Typically argon or krypton, or a combination of the two, gas fills are designed to fill the space between two glass panes. They are denser than the usual air, making them great as an insulating layer.

The Best Windows for Your Home

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