Choosing a new siding color for your home can be both exciting and intimidating. Generally, it’s best to choose a siding color that is not only visually appealing, but also complements the rest of your exterior palette. Whether you intend to install new siding or simply repaint an old material, making a well-informed decision about your siding color can pay off in the end. 

If you’re not sure where to begin, Tri-County Contracting offers some tips below to help you select the best siding color for your home.

Consider Your Home’s Size and Architecture

Dark colors work well with small homes, whereas light colors work well with large ones. A huge residence with dark siding will appear gloomy, and a small home with light-colored siding will appear even smaller. Light colors can de-emphasize or neutralize characteristics you don’t want to highlight, whereas dark hues draw attention to previously unnoticed details. The architecture of your home also contributes to your choice of siding color. You can be creative with accents. For instance, most colonial homes are white, but a modern accent can help bring character to an otherwise conventional architecture.

Consider Your Neighborhood

Drive around your neighborhood, and look at some of the homes before deciding on a siding color. Take note of the siding colors you see as well as your preferences and dislikes. Ideally, you want to select a siding color that will make your home stand out, but not too much.

Consider a Complementary Color Palette

A complementary color palette is also a good option for siding. This may also be an efficient way of making a decision if you’re having a hard time picking just one color. That said, you can opt to have one main color in a bold shade, serving as the focal point, and another color that is a shade or two lighter or darker than the first. Complementary colors can have a dramatic effect on your home exterior, making it appear more dynamic.

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