Gutter installation is best left to the pros since a typical homeowner isn’t trained or experienced in determining gutter pitch, placement and hanger spacing. However, it’s still good for you to have a grasp of how this process works so you can use this knowledge as a reference for future gutter repairs. 

Gutter Placement and Positioning

A properly placed and angled gutter assures proper drainage. The highest tip of a gutter should be sloping downward and end at the downspout, with an incline of 1 inch per 16 feet. For gutters that are 40 feet or longer, the pitch of the gutter should start at the middle as this will divert water to a downspout at each end.

The purpose of the incline is to promote continuous flow and drainage of water, along with whatever debris that gets caught within the gutter system, into the downspout. Keep in mind that while this positioning is good, clogs can be further prevented by having regular gutter inspections by a reputable gutter company.

Hanger Spacing

Gutter hanger spacing typically depends on the climate of the area. In warmer climates, you can place your hangers close to the center of the gutter, with a spacing of 36 inches in between each hanger. For colder climates, however, you need to space them closer to each other as they need to be able to take the extra load of ice and snow, preferably 18 inches in between each hanger.

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