Every Wisconsinite is accustomed to the cold weather winter brings. Days get shorter, freezing temperatures arrive, and ice and snow are common. Few homeowners, however, understand what the cold season can do to their windows and doors. They may not be aware of the lasting impact of the weather that can result in premature window and door replacement.

Here are some of the problems to watch out for this season.

  • Warping and shrinking – Some window and door materials tend to undergo major physical changes due to exposure to temperature fluctuations and moisture brought about by winter weather. In addition to the frames shrinking under low temperatures, excessive indoor humidity can result in the material warping and bowing unfavorably. If you plan to replace your old units, consider our exclusive line of windows and doors, which are known to withstand intense weather conditions.

  • Hardware failure – Windows and doors come with different components meant to ensure they function correctly. Latches, handles, hinges and several other mechanisms can get damaged easily due to the chilly weather. The most vulnerable windows are casement and awning, so if you have them in your home, pay extra attention to them when winter arrives.

  • Condensation  Some condensation on your windows and doors during winter is an indication of energy efficiency. Nonetheless, if your units shift position and enable cold air to enter your interior, it can lead to the appearance of condensation. The most basic thing to do is diminish humidity with a dehumidifier. If the problem persists, though, it might be the time to consider replacing your windows and doors.

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