Choosing a new color for your door is no easy task to undertake. After all, you’ll also have to consider if it will fit your home’s architectural style and established exterior. While there are many colors for you to choose from, there are only a select few that can actually suit your home. Fortunately, there are ways you can narrow down the best colors for your door.

In this video, the door and roof replacement experts of Tri-County Contracting discuss the five best door colors for your home.

  1. Vivid Green – If you want to make your door stand out in every season, then shades of vivid green are the best choice for you. Since this color choice encompasses the shades of your landscape, it can crate a connection between your garden and your home itself.

  1. Bright Colors – If your home has an overhang that can darken the entryway, bright colors should be the color that you pick. That way, it won’t be obscured by the shadows that surround it.

  1. Blue – On the other hand, certain shades of blue can suit your door depending on the style of your architecture. Some shades of blue often suit coastal, colonial and country homes. If you’re still uncertain if the color will suit your door and your home, you can always approach a door and roof repair professional to make an informed decision.

  1. Red – Red doors are another popular choice for door colors since they complement neutral facades. They also tend to stand out the most when they’re set against light to dark exteriors.

  1. Emerald Green – If your home has a formal or historic home style, then emerald green is the color that may perfectly suit your home. However, it will only grab attention if you use it on the front door, and you’ll have to paint the surrounding trim in unexpected colors like bright yellow to make it work.

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