Your home is more than just your comfort zone and a safe space to retreat in after a long day; it’s also a significant investment for your family. This is why it’s understandable if you’d like everything in it to last as long as possible, especially when it comes to the exterior fixtures like the siding and roofing. After all, if your home often needs repairs, then it can be a heavy burden on your finances. Thankfully, when it comes to siding, you have options that can last for a long time.

Here are the four siding options with the longest lifespans.

  1. Cedar Siding – Normally, wood isn’t a viable option if you want longevity for your siding material, but cedar is the exception to this rule. With the proper maintenance, it can last up from 25 to 100 years, allowing you to be worry-free when it comes to replacing your siding.

  1. Stone or Stone Veneer Siding – Stone has been a popular siding for years now due to its durability against extreme weather and low-maintenance features. However, if you’re not keen on spending much for natural stone, then stone-veneer might be the solution for you. Regardless of what you choose, both are low maintenance and can last you for over 100 years with the proper care. 

  1. Stucco Siding – Like stone, stucco has managed to withstand the test of time as a siding material. This is one of the easiest siding materials to repair. When it comes to longevity, stucco siding has the potential of remaining intact for 50 years or even more with the proper maintenance procedures.

  1. Fiber Cement – With its durability, low-maintenance and damage resistance features, fiber cement is one of the best choices of siding you can pick for your home. In terms of lifespan, this is the siding material that can last the longest with the proper care and maintenance. It can even provide protection for your home for an entire lifetime.

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