When it comes to adding fixtures that allow natural light in and improves your home’s ventilation, most homeowners opt for adding more windows. However, believe it or not, there are some instances when skylights are far more practical to install compared to windows.

Converted Attics

Attics can often be converted into living space, and, unfortunately, when you turn your attic into a living space, you may find that the wall space is too limited to add windows that aren’t gable or dormers. This leaves homeowners with limited window options for natural lighting and ventilation. This is where skylights come in as they can be installed directly onto your roof, allowing your attic to have some ventilation and proper lighting.

Open Floor Plans

Open floor plans allow your home to have large and flexible indoor spaces, and they work in most home styles. However, such large indoor spaces require a lot of natural light to work to avoid dimly lit spots. While you’re more than free to install picture windows or resize your current ones, experts say that strategically positioned skylights are far more practical than windows.

Rooms Surrounded by Taller Structures

On the other hand, if your home is built in between taller structures, you would have limited options when it comes to window placement that would allow natural light inside. As such, this makes skylights the more practical option compared to windows, especially if there are rooms near the back.

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