Roof damage can be difficult to spot. And oftentimes, as long as everything looks good from where you stand in your front yard, it can be easy to assume that your roof is in excellent condition. When you take a closer look, though, you’ll see some issues that have been going unnoticed for some time. To ensure that such problems are addressed in time, you should make it a point to schedule regular professional inspections.

Through roof inspections, you can detect issues and damage early – which allows you to prevent further damage and prolong your roof’s life span. Here are some of the least obvious signs of roof damage that can turn up during a roof inspection.

Black Spots on the Roof

These are a common sign of roof damage, but many homeowners tend to ignore and regard them as merely a cosmetic issue. When ignored or neglected, these black spots on your roof can only get worse. They can result in more extensive leaks and expand the areas affected by mold.

Whistling Sounds

That whistling sound you hear in your home could be an indication of roof damage, which has likely resulted in an airflow issue. This can certainly be difficult to detect without a proper roof inspection as well as an evaluation of your entire home. But if you’re sure that your home is completely sealed, and you’re still hearing this strange sound, there’s a big chance that you’re dealing with roof damage. Better call your trusted roofer so that you can pinpoint the issue and perform the necessary roof repair.

Buckling Shingles

Missing shingles are easy to spot. But if the shingles are buckling, those can be a little more challenging to see. You may need to climb onto your roof in order to spot the buckled shingles. And since climbing roofs is typically not done by homeowners, and it’s not recommended due to safety reasons, this type of damage is often overlooked. A professional roof inspection is the safest, most effective way to know if any of your shingles have started buckling.

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