Because the siding is  one of your home’s major exterior components, knowing more about it goes a long way in keeping your home in good condition. No matter the type of project you’re doing, you should be aware of the following terms.

Siding Terms That Homeowners Should Know


A thin strip of wood that runs along the joints of the siding. This is the second part of the term “board and batten”, where the board refers to the main siding pieces that cover the interior walls. Batten works similar to roof flashing, covering areas where intersecting boards can’t form a watertight seal.

Drip Cap

Flashing is commonly associated with roof replacement, but siding also involves flashing. The drip cap is a type of flashing specially designed to keep water from getting into the top of vertical type siding. This part of the siding is also known as the head flashing.


You might think that having too much exposure is bad when it comes to siding, but when it comes to siding panels, that’s not the case. The term exposure only refers to the width of the board used for your siding. Some contractors also use the term “reveal” to refer to the boards’ width.

Furring Strip

Siding experts install small strips of wood that serve as anchoring points for your siding’s boards. These are known as “furring strips” and usually run the entire height of the wall covered by your siding. In some cases, furring strips are used so that the boards will be laid flat against an uneven wall surface.

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