Roof stains are an unsightly blemish on your home’s exterior; unfortunately, they’re quite common in New Berlin. But what causes these discolorations, and how can you get rid of them? In this blog post, we’ll discuss different types of roof stains and methods for identifying and removing them.

Types of Roof Stains 

There are three primary types of roof stains that can occur: mildew, moss and algae. 

  • Mildew is a greyish-white fungal growth that usually appears in moist areas on roofs with organic materials such as asphalt shingles or wood shakes. 

  • Moss is typically greenish-black but may appear brown depending on the type and age. It often grows in shady areas with poor drainage where water accumulates near eaves or valleys on roofs made from slate or tiles.

  •  Algae tend to have a streaky black appearance. They grow best in humid climates and prefer sunny locations near ridge lines or skylights atop metal roofs covered with zinc-coated steel panels. 

How to Identify Roof Stains 

The first step to removing roof stains is properly identifying what type you have so that the correct cleaning method can be used without damaging your shingles or other materials on your roof. To identify a stain, start with a visual inspection from ground level, using binoculars if necessary, before getting onto the roof itself if needed for further inspection. If there’s any doubt about what type it is, take photos from multiple angles so that a professional can advise before starting any work yourself (or hiring someone else).  

How to Remove Roof Stains 

Using a pressure washer with low pressure settings can help remove mildew and moss buildup without harming the underlying layers. Make sure not to exceed 3100 PSI, as this could damage your shingles.

Chemical cleaners specifically designed to dissolve organic matter buildup can also be used to tackle infestations, while natural remedies such as diluted hydrogen peroxide mixed with warm water may be used for milder cases. For more severe stains or when dealing with large areas of coverage, hiring a professional service is recommended. A certified roofer has the experience and knowledge necessary to complete the job.

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