At Tri-County Contracting, we recently completed this Muskego roof replacement. This project involved upgrading an existing roof to enhance its aesthetic appeal and functionality. The homeowners opted for CertainTeed Landmark shingles in the Weathered Wood color, which provided a sophisticated look to their home.

Project Details

Scope of Work: Although not in dire condition, the existing roof was upgraded to enhance functionality and aesthetic appeal. The homeowners chose to replace their old roof with CertainTeed Landmark shingles in the Weathered Wood color.

Benefits: This roof replacement project brought significant benefits to the property. The CertainTeed Landmark shingles offer superior color definition and thickness, ensuring a more vibrant and dimensional look. The Weathered Wood color adds a sophisticated touch to the home’s exterior.

Protective Measures: To ensure the new roof’s longevity, we installed a ridge vent on both of the house’s ridge lines. This proper ventilation system allows for optimal airflow, preventing heat buildup and potential damage to the roofing structure.

Cleanup: Our team is not just committed to leaving the job site as clean as we found it, but also to ensuring your satisfaction. After completing the roofing project, we conducted a thorough cleanup, removing all debris and ensuring the surrounding area was spotless.

Environmental Responsibility: Tri-County Contracting prioritizes environmentally responsible practices. We carefully disposed of the old roofing materials, adhering to all environmental regulations and guidelines.

Workforce: Our experienced roofing contractors worked efficiently to complete the project with minimal disruption to the homeowners. Their expertise ensured the installation of the Shadow Ridge shingles on all levels of the CertainTeed line, highlighting the superior quality and visual appeal of the new roof system.

Located at W209 S10449 Valerie Dr. in Muskego, this roof replacement project is a testament to our unwavering commitment to quality workmanship and customer satisfaction. The new CertainTeed Landmark shingles enhance the home’s appearance and provide lasting durability and protection. We are proud to have delivered a roof that combines functionality and aesthetic appeal, ensuring the homeowners’ peace of mind for years to come.

If you like what you saw with this Muskego roof replacement project and want to upgrade your roof, contact Tri-County Contracting today for a consultation!

before muskego roof replacement


After Muskego roof replacement project