At Tri-County Contracting, our recent roof replacement project in Big Bend, WI, showcases our dedication to quality and efficiency. The existing roof had noticeable stains and structural issues, including inadequate venting, which was particularly problematic for the kitchen range.

Project Details

Roofing Project Scope: The roofing project commenced with a complete tear-off of the old roofing materials. We then repaired the damaged roof decking by replacing bad plywood sheets, ensuring a solid foundation for the new roof.

Materials Used: We installed a CertainTeed ice and water barrier along the gutter lines and CertainTeed Roof Runner synthetic felt paper across the entire roof for superior protection against water penetration.

Ventilation Improvements: The old roof vents were sealed, and a new, specific vent was installed for the kitchen range. Additionally, we installed a new plumbing vent cover, a new bathroom exhaust vent, and a new ridge vent to optimize airflow throughout the attic.

Shingle Benefits: CertainTeed Northgate shingles in Driftwood were chosen for their hail impact resistance and high-definition appearance, significantly enhancing the home’s curb appeal.

Cleanup and Environmental Responsibility: Our team ensured a thorough cleanup, using magnets to collect all metallic debris after installation. We committed to environmental responsibility by recycling old asphalt shingles.

Workforce: Our skilled and fully insured crew worked diligently to ensure the roof replacement was completed smoothly and on schedule, maintaining our standard of excellence.

Located at S82 W23150 Artesian Ave, Big Bend, this comprehensive renovation addressed functional issues like poor ventilation and worn-out decking and transformed the home’s aesthetic. The new CertainTeed shingles improve the home’s visual appeal and enhance its durability against future weather impacts.

Are you looking to upgrade your home’s roof with a reliable, expert team of roofers? Contact Tri-County Contracting for your roofing needs. Our commitment to quality materials and meticulous craftsmanship ensures every project meets our high standards of integrity and aesthetics. Reach out today to start your roofing transformation!