If your current windows are experiencing issues, you should consider buying new replacement windows. After purchasing new ones, it’s time for the installation process. A window replacement project can be a hassle and time-consuming project, so it’s important that you know how to prepare ahead of time. 

Pick a Good Schedule 

To ensure your window replacement project goes smoothly, you may want to stay in your home to observe the installation process. As such, take time off work, or make arrangements for the children and pets to spend time away. While you’re at home, it’s best to stay out of the way of your window contractors. You may oversee the project, but try not to hover to prevent distractions. 

Clear a Walking Path 

When it comes to exterior services, don’t forget to clear a walking path around the windows inside and out. Make sure to remove furniture, rugs, plants or anything else located near your windows. You can also make room for equipment, such as ladders, scaffolding and among other things.

Moreover, you should also remove curtains, draperies, sheers, shades and blinds around your windows. Be sure to take down hanging artwork or photos that may be damaged during the construction. They may fall off the wall because of vibration from tool use or get dirty from airborne particles. 

Plan for Access and Use Coverings 

You may want to remove interior doors from their hinges to give window installers easy access to carry out old windows and bring in new windows. Don’t forget to orient your construction team about the power source in each room so electrical tools can be operated without using extension cords. 

Installing your windows may be a messy job. Your contractor will try their best to keep the work area clean as possible, but they may still leave dust and debris buildup on your floors, carpeting or walls. While they try to minimize the mess by using a drop cloth, you may want to provide extra protective coverings for furniture and flooring to make cleanup easier. 

Many window installation projects can be completed in one day, but work may extend to a second day. In most homes, the second day should conclude the installation process, with little to no need for a third or subsequent day of work. 

Clean Up Your Space

Since your contractor has a cleanup plan for the removal of the old windows and any debris, you don’t have to worry about this. However, even though the majority of the mess will be handled, you may still want to plan for an overall cleanup after the protective coverings are removed. You should also consider investing in a good shop vac to make cleanup easier. 

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