The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is the organization that customers across the country turn to when they’re looking for a company that they can trust, whether it’s for transportation, food service or roof replacement. Today, we share how the BBB’s ratings system benefits our customers.

Better Business Bureau Ratings

The BBB ratings system represents how the BBB views businesses and their client interactions. Ratings range A+ to F, highest to lowest. Businesses under BBB review may be rated as NR (“no rating”). This rating may also apply if the BBB has not received enough information about a business to merit a rating. Unlike typical business ratings systems, BBB ratings do not factor in customer reviews when rating a business. Instead, its ratings are based on the following criteria:

1. Complaint History
These are customer complaints filed on the BBB’s website. Unlike customer reviews, complaints are mediated, and it gives businesses the opportunity to address them. For example, if a roofing complaint is resolved with roof repair, and the customer expresses satisfaction with the resolution, this can favor the roofer in question.

2. Type of Business
Some types of businesses raise marketplace concerns or are believed by the BBB to violate law, which may earn a lower rating.

3. Time In Business
The BBB considers how long a company has been in business, including changes in ownership.

4. Transparent Business Practices
The BBB favors companies that promote transparency in their dealings. This includes companies who provide clearly worded contracts and detailed bills of materials.

5. Honoring Commitments to the BBB
Businesses that honor their commitments to the BBB are more likely to get a higher rating.

6. Licensing and Government Actions Known to the BBB 

Businesses with proper licensing, insurance and bonding as well as those without known government actions against them typically get better ratings.

7. Advertising Issues Known to the BBB
Misrepresentation of the BBB’s trademarks and use of questionable marketing practices may result in a lower rating.

What Do A+ Rated Contractors Mean for You?

We at Tri-County Contracting are proud to maintain a consistent A+ rating with the BBB. It gives our clients the peace of mind knowing that they can trust us with their roofing needs. Our designation as a BBB Accredited Business since 2000 reflects our ongoing commitment to providing good customer service as well as making sure that our roofing work reflects this commitment.

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