One of the most exciting things about getting new siding is choosing a color for it. And, given the range of options that siding and roof replacement contractors like Tri-County Contracting have to offer, there’s certainly no shortage of choices for you to consider. Still, the selection process can get tricky. To help you get started, here are some tips:

Narrow Down Options Based on What You Like

It is your home, after all. You should get as many recommendations as possible so you have a bigger picture of what siding and trim colors you can use, but ultimately, go choose something that you like.

Factor in Your Home’s Architectural Style

Certain colors complement certain home styles so use that to your advantage. For example, soft earth tones are great for traditional properties while bright, dramatic colors look appealing on modern or contemporary homes. Quick tip: check out swatches from your exterior services expert at different times of the day to see how colors will appear depending on lighting conditions.

Don’t Be Afraid of Unusual Combinations

Trim colors are usually used to make a home’s exterior features pop out, but they can also match siding colors, such as in the case of homes with white-on-white colors schemes. There’s nothing wrong with taking the safe route, but don’t discount unusual combinations just yet. As long as you have the same base color, you can take advantage of essentially any color combination. For your reference, beige, white and tan are popular trim colors.

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