Homeowners usually ask if they need grilles when replacing their windows. In the past, grilles were used for structural support. At that time, it was difficult to transport windows without the risk of damage. As a result, manufacturers shipped them in smaller sections, which installers later joined with grilles. It isn’t the case anymore in modern windows, and today, grilles mainly serve an aesthetic purpose.   

Grilles vs. No Grilles

The architectural design of your home often determines if you need window grilles or not. There are two main categories of home styles: traditional and contemporary. Grilles are ideal for traditional-style structures like Colonial homes. Meanwhile, contemporary homes typically look better without this window feature. 

Essential Things to Keep in Mind

Home Appeal

Getting new windows can also add to your home’s curb appeal. Grilles won’t contribute that much to the structural stability of your windows or home. It means that they are an optional feature, and installing them is just a matter of personal preference. Before placing grilles, always consider how they will affect the overall look of your home. Will they elevate the appearance of your house or cause it to stick out? 

Outdoor Views

Grilles outside windows can be hard to clean and even block your outdoor views. If the window you are replacing is framing breathtaking landscaping or your lush yard, it might be best to skip them. However, this feature is great to have in uneventful areas of your home to make them more interesting. 

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