Your siding adds an essential protective layer to your home. So, when it has become worn or suffered extensive damage, you should act quickly and have your old siding replaced. But before you sign off on any of the quotes you’ve received, make sure you have a good understanding of the different factors that can influence the cost of your siding project.


The size of your home is one of the main factors that will determine the cost of your siding replacement project. Generally, more square footage means more materials are needed, and installation will likely take longer to finish. Apart from the amount of materials, labor fees could also drive up the cost of your siding project. Typically, contractors calculate labor in the square foot price when estimating the project cost, so look out for these details when reviewing the quotes you receive.


Siding replacement costs are also influenced by the quality of the materials you choose. Siding materials vary in styles, designs, features and durability, and these things can result in affordable or premium prices.


During off-season months, contractors typically see a lower demand for siding replacement services. In order to stimulate business, some companies offer discounts, promos or special deals on siding projects. If your need for new siding is not urgent, you might want to wait a little longer and schedule your siding replacement during these months so that you can take advantage of cheaper materials or services.

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