Whether your roof was installed last year or 20 years ago, do you know what’s going on up there? Is everything still in order? Is there any wind or pest damage? What if my shingles are not aging well or are failing?
Our roofs protect the rest of our house and they need to not be ignored. In fact your roof should be inspected every year. What should be looked at during this annual inspection?
Here’s a checklist:
  • Check for any wind damage or pest damage.
  • Check for any exposed sealant that has been sun and wind-beaten.
  • Due to the extreme weather changes in Wisconsin, nails in your shingles or roof deck can move. These nails will stick up and eventually rip through the shingles if not addressed.
  • Check the condition of the product. Is there major granule loss? Is there any blistering? Is there any cracks in the shingles?
  • Do the gutters need any resealing?
  • Are the vents or ridge vent clear of debris?
  • Do the bath vents appear to be functioning?
If you don’t want to get up there and do this yourself, I have a solution for you! Call us!
We at Tri-County Contracting are skilled in roof product inspection and routine maintenance. We can run through this checklist for you. We so believe in yearly inspections that we include free yearly inspections with every new roof we install.
We call this our “11/10 (eleven ten) workmanship warranty”. After we install your brand new roof system, we do a full roof inspection. This ensures that everything has been installed properly and looks great. After that we come back each year for ten years for a product inspection and routine maintenance. So you get 11 inspections over 10 years. You don’t have to worry about your roof anymore!
So whether you just need an inspection on your existing roof, or think its time for a free estimate for a new roof, give us a call.
Call our office at 262-679-6100 today.