Gutters are essential for your home’s protection against water damage. Like your roof, they can also become susceptible to damage due to high winds. After a weather event, it is recommended that you contact a local provider of exterior services to have your home inspected for damage. If you need repairs, make sure to get these done immediately to avoid costly issues in the future.

Keep reading to learn what causes wind damage on gutters and what you can do to avoid it.

What Are the Common Causes of Gutter Wind Damage?

Windblown Debris

Following a storm, you may need to get your gutters repaired because of windblown debris. When these items are falling at high speeds, they can cause significant damage to your gutters. They usually cause dings and dents, but heavier debris can tear off gutters.

Improper Installation or Old Age

Poorly installed and aging gutters are more prone to wind damage. Because of the shape of gutters, they can catch winds at different angles, causing them to separate from your home. Components that are vertically aligned are also at high risk of damage.

Metal Fatigue

Gutters can shift back and forth due to high winds. This movement can happen throughout the storm, weakening the gutters and eventually causing them to break. Metal fatigue can compromise the nails and screws that are securing your gutters to your home.

What Can You Do to Avoid It?

Getting regular inspections and maintenance can reduce the likelihood of gutter wind damage. It allows your contractor to catch and fix issues before they compromise the strength of your gutters. Another thing that can help keep your gutters in good shape is to choose a reliable contractor. Before hiring professionals, make sure to do your research, check credentials, read reviews and ask for references.

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