Skylights are always an excellent addition to any home. If you plan on having a few installed this season, you’ll need to decide whether to go for fixed or vented skylights. 

Fixed Skylights

A skylight is basically just a window on your roof. And like windows, some of them are operable while others are sealed tight. Fixed skylights are the latter. They don’t open, but they do offer a simple and effective way to let natural light into your home without obstructing the roofline. That’s not all-fixed skylights can also prevent significant energy loss. Their inoperable design makes this possible. Since they have no movable parts, fixed skylights maintain a stronger, tighter seal that stops valuable cooling or heating energy from leaking out of your home. This skylight type is best installed in porches and sunrooms. 

Vented Skylights

If you want to let both light and air into your home, then vented skylights are your best choice. Their large glass area allows for more natural light to stream into your living space, while also providing you with a clear view of the sky. When opened, vented skylights allow warm and stale indoor air to escape outside and, at the same time, let cool, fresh air flow inside. Thanks to this excellent feature, vented skylights can be installed in almost any room. They’re particularly useful in rooms that generate a significant amount of indoor moisture, such as the bathroom and kitchen. 

Tri-County Contracting offers top-tier VELUX® vented skylights that operate in different ways. 

  • For optimum efficiency, go for our solar-powered VELUX “Fresh Air” option. It’s fitted with a solar panel that allows the skylight to collect energy, which can then be used to open or close the skylight with a touch of a button. 

  • If you’d rather use a more conventional energy source, choose our electric-powered VELUX “Fresh Air” skylights instead. They’re equipped with a concealed battery so you can operate your skylight with a remote control.

  • Those who want it old-school can go for manual VELUX “Fresh Air” skylights, which can be opened or closed with just a turn of a handle.

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