Natural light is good for your home. As an indispensable element that every homeowner shouldn’t overlook, it makes your living spaces look more expansive and livelier. It also allows you to conserve energy and reduce dependence on artificial lighting during the day.

Factors to Consider Before Installing Skylights in Your Home

Typically, natural light is let in through windows and doors. However, more and more people are now seeking other options to increase their home’s natural light. One of the emerging trends among homeowners is the installation of skylights or roof windows, which can be done independently or alongside roof replacement projects.

If you’re considering a skylight installation for your home, here are some of the factors to consider to ensure the success of the project:

1. Suitability of Your Property

Where are you planning to put the skylight? Is your house structure even fit for a skylight installation? Have you considered the location of your house?

It’s important to have a concrete plan as to where you want to put the skylight. Avoid the areas close to building obstructions or trees to make sure light flow is not impeded.

Note also that skylights are not advisable in locations where the climate is hot.

2. The Right Type of Skylight

There are two common types of skylight: fixed and venting. A fixed type is a closed window intended only to let natural light through the roof. The venting type, on the other hand, allows you to open and close it for better ventilation and lighting.

You should consider what particular type is more appropriate for the room. A fixed skylight is less prone to hazards or leakages, which prevent damages and roof repair expenses, while the venting type is more preferable for enclosed areas like kitchens and bathrooms to improve ventilation.

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