Your siding forms a huge part of your home’s exterior appeal. Alongside your roofing system, which you can keep looking new with regular roof repair and maintenance, siding that always look like it’s fresh off the factory used to be an elusive goal. No matter how great-looking, siding—particularly that made of wood—will eventually look worn-out and old.

Not so with engineered wood siding. This type is a composite, which means it mixes materials to create an entirely new one. Tri-County Contracting, home of trusted local roofing and siding professionals, wishes to discuss its benefits with you in today’s post.

It’s Durable

The biggest advantage of engineered wood over regular wood is that it’s simply more durable. Unlike wood, which is at the mercy of the elements, engineered wood won’t split, crack, warp, or decay. It can withstand anything nature can throw at it, and its chemical treatment helps it resist mold and mildew growth and termites, which are the bane of wood.

It’s More Affordable

It won’t look it, but engineered wood is more affordable than wood. The latter requires complex manufacturing and shaping so it could be ready to act as siding. Plus, wood is naturally more expensive to source, as it’s finite, explains your roof replacement contractor.

Not so with engineered wood siding. It only uses a fraction of the wood that a purely wood siding consists of. This makes it considerably lighter but still more durable than wood. And because it doesn’t require that much maintenance—unlike wood that needs to be maintained all the time to stave off rot—engineered wood siding is practically impervious to the elements.

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