If you have an aging house or just transferred to a property that’s likely 20 years or older, you have probably been advised to have your home features upgraded. One of the most important things you should prioritize is your windows. Make sure you’re aware of the facts, and not some popular myths like these: 

  1. “It’s okay to DIY a window replacement.”  Keep in mind that although the intent in doing such activities on your own is to save time and money, you may end up spending a lot more if you fail in getting the right job done. So, if you have little to no experience and understanding about how projects like this should be executed, you’re better off leaving window replacement to a trusted professional like Tri-County Contracting. Our quality products and professional installation ensure an airtight seal that will noticeably improve household energy efficiency. 

  2. “You should get the same windows as before.” Although it isn’t a major concern, experts note you might be missing out on the advancements window technology has made over the years. Window teams suggest a renewed set of windows offers you the opportunity to choose something better. Pro-tip: purchase something that is energy efficient.

  3. ‘’The higher the price, the better the quality.” Your windows make a fair investment; however, an expensive item does not always mean it’s the standard. In most cases, features like this only cost more due to their aesthetic appeal, brand, or on-trend.

  4. “A window renovation can take weeks.”  It should be noted that manufacturing your vinyl windows or fiberglass entry doors can take a few weeks depending on the season. Meanwhile, the actual installation should only take a day or two. 

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