Rusted gutters are basically compromised and may fall apart at any time depending on the severity of the rusting. Here, we list the usual causes of rusted gutters and the best ways to address them. 

The Causes of Rusted Gutters

  • Pollen

Pollen falling from trees is acidic, so it eats away at the acrylic and zinc coatings of gutters. Without these coatings, the gutter material is exposed to moisture, which leads to corrosion.

  • Dust, Debris and Leaves

Clogged gutters happen due to dust, debris and leaves blocking the flow of water runoff. Water will cause gutters to sag and damage their protective coating. With regular gutter maintenance, your roofers can remove dust and debris from your gutters.

  • Metallic Reaction

Galvanic corrosion can happen when two metals touch each other through water or any conductive material. Due to this reaction, a copper gutter that interacts with stainless steel roofing, screws and fasteners will rust faster.

  • Temperature Changes

Extreme temperature changes cause gutters to lose their protective layers and rust more quickly. For example, gutters in coastal areas or mountainous regions with rapid temperature changes tend to rust faster.

Repairing Rusted Gutters

Minor gutter rusting in small areas can still be addressed. However, you might need to replace the entire gutter system if it’s severely rusted. Learn the best solutions here:

  • Sanding

Using sandpaper of different grits, your roofer can sand away the rust and prevent further contamination.

  • Cutting Rusted Sections

If a large section of your gutter has rusted beyond repair, your roofer can cut them off and replace them with new seams. While effective, it isn’t a long-term solution because the new seams will make the gutter prone to leaks.

  • Replacing the Gutters Completely

Gutters that have rusted beyond repair need a full gutter replacement. For instance, a gutter with too many holes due to rusting will benefit from a full replacement.

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