Every home is unique, especially when it comes to gutter requirements. If you are looking to replace your old, worn-down gutters, make sure you pick the right size. A properly sized gutter system is essential for your home’s protection against the effects of water damage.

Why Gutter Sizing Matters

Your home’s gutter system must have the capacity to direct rainwater away from your home. It must be capable of handling any amount of rainwater, especially if your area experiences heavy rainfall at certain times of the year. Undersized gutters cause water to spill out even with moderate rainfall, saturating the soil that leads, which can lead to landscaping and foundation issues. Oversized gutters, meanwhile, do their intended function, yet leave patches of standing water.

Gutter Profiles

Exterior services contractors offer gutter systems that come in different design profiles. Two of the most common are the K-style and half-round gutters. The former has a distinguishable crown molding look when viewed from the ground, providing a more angular appearance that works with just about any home style. The latter, meanwhile, has a U-shaped profile that fits well in homes with rounded exterior elements.

Factors Considered When Sizing Gutters

For your new gutters to be properly sized for your home, contractors first determine your roof’s square footage, which can be derived from the roof installation plans. Then, the roof pitch also comes into play – the steeper it is, the more rainwater it can collect. It uses a standard set of multipliers called the roof pitch factor to determine a more accurate rainfall calculation. Finally, they factor in the strongest recorded rainfall in the area measured in inches per hour.

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