When deciding on the best siding contractor for exterior replacement, there are certain criteria to keep in mind. A checklist of items your contractor should have can help you determine who is the most qualified for the job. Siding and roof repair expert Tri-County Contracting explains what you need to look for.

1. Experience

One of the most important things to look for in a siding contractor is experience. Someone experienced with siding installations and repairs can easily identify potential problems before they arise and provide an expert level of service. 

2. Licensing

Another key aspect to consider when selecting a siding contractor is licensing. Your contractor must have the proper credentials for services performed and meet all local and state regulations. Your contractor should be able to provide proof of their license upon request. 

3. Insurance

When choosing a siding contractor, verify if they have certificates of insurance for both general liability and workers’ compensation. Coverage means that any accidents or damage on your property will be handled by the contractor’s insurance company instead of having to foot the bill yourself.

4. Reputation

One of the best ways to determine if a contractor is reputable is by researching customer reviews. You can learn about quality, timeliness, and skill level from friends, family, or online through sites like Google and Yelp.

5. Warranties

The last thing anyone wants after completion of a siding replacement project is for something to start malfunctioning or experience significant wear and tear promptly. That’s why asking your contractor about any warranties on their materials and labor is essential.

6. Quality Materials

For a successful siding installation, quality materials are necessary. Your siding and roof replacement contractor must use siding that meets building code requirements and applicable industry standards. Look into the manufacturers they use and ask specific questions to ensure they source durable and reliable components.

7. Accurate Price Estimates

An experienced siding contractor should be able to provide an accurate cost estimate for the job. Don’t let anyone take advantage of you by offering lowball bids. Get a full-price breakdown before signing any paperwork.

8. Timelines

It’s essential to have a contractor that can accurately estimate the length of a job and then stick to completing it on time. This helps keep both parties accountable, sets realistic expectations, and minimizes any disruption to your routine.

When seeking a siding contractor for exterior services in Waukesha, WI, you want one that meets all the criteria detailed above. Tri-County Contracting is experienced, licensed, and insured, providing warranties on materials and labor as added quality assurance. We can also offer accurate price estimates and work to complete any job on time. Don’t hesitate to give us a call at (262) 679-6100 and let us confidently handle your exterior replacement needs. You can also message us here for a quote.