With professional gutter installation, you can expect an efficient process and quality workmanship. Experienced gutter specialists follow these seven best practices to guarantee a successful installation. 

1. Ready All the Materials

Experts have a checklist of all the materials and equipment needed for the job. They prepare all these things to reduce waste and ensure they finish the job on time. This also allows them to save time during the installation process since everything is ready.

2. Assemble the Gutters on the Ground

Pros assemble the gutters on the ground as this allows them to make accurate measurements and do the job safely. It’s also easier if they only need to adjust the gutters once they’re up on the ladder. 

3. Cut the Downspout Outlet

Eliminating the seams makes the downspouts look neater and more finished.

4. Ensure Correct Gutter Slope

When installing gutters, experts make sure there is a ¼-inch slope for every 10 feet of gutters. This ensures water runoff will drain efficiently and flow toward the downspouts and away from the house.

5. Use an Adequate Amount of Sealant

Make sure the gutters are dry before applying the sealant. Use a liberal amount of sealant on the inside of the gutters.

6. Use the Equipment Properly

A good pair of crimpers can make all the difference. It makes preparing downspouts easier and guarantees a precise crimp. Snippers are also a must-have because they can be used for almost any task. They enable gutter installers to work quickly and cleanly. 

7. Clean Up After Installation

It’s important to clean the work area after the installation. Contractors typically collect and dispose of all debris so that homeowners don’t have to worry about the cleanup. Don’t forget to check if this service is included in the written estimate provided to you.

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