Window replacements improve your home’s look and energy efficiency, but they can leave a bit of a mess. You can avoid this by preparing accordingly. In this post, renowned window and roof replacement expert Tri-County Contracting lists some tips on maintaining a good home’s cleanliness during window replacement.

1. Clear the Area Around Windows

Before the window replacement process begins, remove any furniture, decor or window treatments near the windows. It will protect your belongings from damage and make cleaning easier. Additionally, clear space around the windows allows contractors to work more efficiently.

2. Protect Your Floors

Laying down drop cloths or plastic sheeting is essential for protecting floors from debris, dust and scratches during window replacement. Secure the covering properly to prevent slipping hazards and cover the path from the entrance to the work area.

3. Create a Path for Contractors

Clear a path for contractors to access the windows and remove any obstacles to prevent accidents and ensure a smoother workflow. It helps maintain cleanliness and ensures work efficiency.

4. Communicate With Your Contractor

Clear communication is essential for minimizing cleanliness concerns with contractors and maintaining a cleaner work environment.

5. Hire Exterior Contractors

Scheduling exterior services to help with siding repairs or gutter maintenance alongside your window replacement is a wise idea. It minimizes messes and saves time and money by extending the lifespan of your windows and walls.

6. Clean as You Go

Isolate the rooms undergoing window replacement to minimize the dust that spreads to other rooms. After workers finish with one room, sweep the fragments and dust. You can expect your rooms to be almost pristine after workers perform a general cleanup after the job is done.

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