When it comes to a roof replacement, it’s important that everything should be done properly. After all, the smallest mistake can cause the biggest mishaps for your roofing system and yourself as the homeowner. With that in mind, when replacing your roof, one of the things that you should make sure will be done is to completely remove and replace the old underlayment.

In this post, Tri-County Contracting discusses the four reasons you should have your old underlayment completely torn off.

  1. Weight Concerns – Roofing shingles can be heavy on with own, so combining those with any mishaps, such as snow and ice buildup or water pooling, and your roof can be even heavier. Your old underlayment can also add to that weight, which can compromise the integrity of your roofing system.

  1. Roof Decking Inspection – Your roof decking has to be inspected for any wood rot or mold during its replacement. To accomplish this, your exterior services provider will have to remove the old underlayment. That way, any potential causes for damage can be spotted and repaired as soon as possible.

  1. Warranty Concerns – For your shingle’s warranty to be in effect, the shingle manufacturers will require a new layer of felt during its installation. With that in mind, failing to tear off the old underlayment before adding the new shingle could void its warranty since your contractor didn’t install the roof according to their specifications.

  1. You Paid For It – Your insurance claim can pay for your new roof, and the service that it pays for includes the removal of the old underlayment. Anything less than that would mean that your contractor didn’t completely work for what you paid for and likely took shortcuts to complete the job.

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