Nothing creates a welcoming atmosphere more than a beautiful front door. Fortunately, there are numerous door styles you can choose from to fit your home’s style and personal preferences. Additionally, they’re also available in wood and fiberglass.

1. Traditional: A classic style features 2 to 12 raised panels that can also be customized using glass inserts with scrollwork or colored panes. This style is also available in wood, fiberglass and metal that is designed to fit your home’s style. You can also further customize the doors to better fit your home.

2. Craftsman: A craftsman-style door is the ideal choice for homes that pay homage to nature, including cottages or mountain retreats. It’s made from either wood or fiberglass, and features one window on the top with stained glass or outlined panes across the bottom. Similar to traditional doors, they can also be fitted with large glass inserts that give you a great view of the outdoors.

3. Modern: These doors fit homes that are situated in an urban area that have a distinct character that sets it apart from craftsman doors. Usually, you’ll find these doors with squared raised panels of frosted glass that give off a sophisticated look.

4. Rustic: Rustic entry doors are the perfect choice for cabins and homes that have mostly wood, stone or brick exteriors. They can appear arched or look like traditional doors. Since rustic entry doors are thick and robust, they also come with hefty hardware, such as raised panels, scored lines and clear glass.

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