Everything ages, including your home. The same goes for your gutters. When they begin to sag or get choked with debris more than the usual, it might be because they’ve aged well past their prime. In this case, a replacement may be necessary.

While it’s easy to find the most affordable or the most convenient gutter system that you could find, this presents a whole nest of problems. So, it’s important to ask the following questions of your gutter installers.

1. Do you have seamless gutters? The old-school sectional gutters may be cheaper, but they give you less protection because they’re prone to leaks in the joints. In addition, they’re mass-produced, which makes for overall less quality. If the installer can install seamless gutters, choose these instead. The price difference is not that big anyway.

2. Of what are your gutters made? Next to type (seamless or sectional), the material is a big deal-breaker. The less costly material is galvanized, but they tend to corrode in the presence of moisture. Exterior services pros advise opting for aluminum ones instead, which are far lighter and virtually rust-proof.

3. How long will the installation take? Installation time will always be a concern. Ask your installers about the timetable of the installation and whether they’re going to clean up afterward.

4. Do you also repair existing damage? Some gutter and roof replacement companies have a carpenter on hand to repair pre-existing damage to the roof fascia or roof line when replacing the gutters. This is a bonus, but if they don’t have one, it’s not exactly a negative against them.

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