It’s never a good feeling to realize that you need roof repair after a storm. However, if you have insurance, there is a comfort in knowing that you can file a claim to cover the cost of getting your roof back into shape. Make sure you make the most of your roofing insurance claim by avoiding these mistakes:

  1. Not Providing Sufficient Proof

Insurance companies require proof of damage to process your claim. However, it’s also possible for them to claim your roof was already damaged before the weather event in question so it’s also important that you have sufficient evidence to show that your roof was in good order before the storm. This can come in the form of maintenance documents and photos or videos from a trusted roofer in your area. If you’re not sure just how much proof to provide, keep this in mind: the more documentation, the better.

  1. Not Understanding Your Insurance Policy

It’s crucial to understand all terms of your insurance policy to be sure that the damage you’re filing a claim for is indeed covered. This will help you avoid the inconvenience of filing an exterior services claim only to be turned down because you are not eligible for it.

  1. Carrying Out Repairs Right Away

Understanding all the terms of your insurance policy will also clue you in on what you can have repaired right away and not risk being denied. Otherwise, you can expect to pay for roof repairs or replacements out of your pocket.

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