3 Common Downspout Problems and How to Fix Them

Your downspouts are responsible for carrying rainwater from your gutters and into a drainage system. When your downspouts are not performing well, this can lead to a number of potential problems, such as basement flooding and soil erosion, which are not only unsightly but also costly to fix. Here are some of the most common downspout problems.

1. Clogged Downspouts

If your gutters are overflowing and not filtering properly through the downspouts, there is a high chance that your downspouts are clogged with leaves, twigs and other debris. Be sure to address this issue as soon as possible as it can force rainwater to back up onto the roof, causing excessive damage to the roof, such as sags, leaks and cracks. You may also find water pooling next to the foundation of your home, which is a recipe for another disaster.

2. Not Enough Downspouts

It is crucial that enough downspouts are installed in order to smoothly manage the anticipated runoff. If you have too few downspouts, it can cause your gutters to overflow, which can cause rainwater to accumulate in the basement or near the foundation. To increase gutter capacity, call an exterior services specialist to strategically add a few more downspouts to your gutter system.

3. Narrow Downspouts

If a gutter system ends up with undersized downspouts, it is either due to a miscalculation during the design stage or the roof pitch being changed after a roof replacement. Downspouts that are too narrow are prone to clogging from organic debris. Usually, it is better to upgrade your system and install larger downspouts so these components can dispel water away from your home more efficiently.

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