3 Biggest Roof Threats and How to Deal With Them

Your roof protects your home from various elements and all kinds of weather. However, even the best roofing materials can suffer damage due to extreme weather events and normal wear and tear. To prolong the lifespan of your roof, it’s important to understand the conditions it faces every day. This way, you can make sure your roof is equipped to withstand such elements.

Today, we talk about three of the biggest threats that could damage your roof.

1. Trees

The leaves, twigs and branches from nearby trees could end up on your roof. Dirt and debris could accumulate more quickly and attract small animals to nest in your gutters or attic. The rough and pointy edges of tree debris can also scratch or poke your asphalt shingles. Furthermore, overhanging branches enable moisture to build up, exposing your shingles to water for extended periods.

Call your local municipality or tree pruning specialists to trim the branches hanging over your roof. If possible, have them remove or relocate the trees, which can be especially dangerous during a storm.

2. Rain

Roofing systems are designed to protect your home from rain, which means they’re perfectly capable of handling rainwater. When designed and installed properly, your roof can keep the water out and suffer little to no damage, even during a storm. Nevertheless, certain factors will make your roof vulnerable to rain, such as poor roof maintenance, neglect of the gutter system and low-quality roofing materials. Make sure to work only with reputable roof replacement contractors, and schedule regular roof inspections and maintenance.

3. Wind

Wind damage can occur during a severe storm. Strong winds can blow the shingles off your roof, leaving the underlayment exposed to the elements. Ensure the shingles are nailed properly, and if you live in a wind-prone area, choose roofing materials that are designed to withstand high winds.

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